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1846: The Race to the Midwest, 1846-1935, 2nd Printing

Sklep: FortGier
Cena: 290.00 zł
Dostępność: 90
Wydawca: GMT Games
Informacje o sklepie:

koszty i sposób dostawy
odbiór osobisty: Warszawa


1846 is an 18xx game set in the Midwestern United States. Differences from other 18xx games include scaling the number of corporations, private companies, and bank size to the number of players, fewer restrictions on actions such as raising money and using private company powers, the initial distribution of private companies, and paying for virtually all track builds.

Note on 2nd Printing: This version will be identical to the first printing, except that all known errata will be corrected, and 2 new Private Companies will be added for greater variety, particularly in 5-player games.

In 1846, 3-5 tycoons compete to earn money and build the best stock portfolio by investing in and operating railroads within the midwestern United States.

Five competing railroads, in search of Midwestern grain and markets, crossed the Appalachian mountains in the early 1850s: the New York Central, Erie, Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio, and, via Canada, the Grand Trunk, backed by Boston merchants.

In front of them were literally hundreds of failed local railroads, most existing only on paper, but a few had laid bits of track and acquired locomotives, before running out of capital and being sold to Eastern interests in 1846.

Can you knit together these private companies and Eastern railroads to form the most profitable rail network in the Midwest, stretching to Chicago and St. Louis and connecting East and West?

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